Pay Condo Fee or Rent

Harvest Properties offers a number of different options for paying your monthly fees. Please feel free to choose the payment option that is most convenient for you.

Credit Card or E-Check Payments

Harvest Properties, LLC provides our clients with the convenience of paying fees online using credit card or e-check. To pay online you must be a registered web user. Click “Client Login” in the upper right corner of the website. On the next screen Click “Register”. Once registered you will be emailed login instructions. If you are a returning user feel free to login and make a payment using either credit card or e-check. Please note that there is a convenience charge when paying by credit card.

Direct Payment Form (Automatic Withdrawal)

Harvest Properties, LLC provides all of our clients the option to set-up an automatic payment for their fees. This method of payment insures that all fees are paid on time without any action on the part of the resident.  Fees are withdrawn on or about the 6th of each month. The fees can be deducted from any checking or savings account. Please fill out the form below and return with a cancelled check to our office to begin your automatic payment.  Note that there is no charge for this form of payment.

Download the pdf form required for direct pay.

Coupon Book Payments

Harvest Properties, LLC provides all of our clients with coupon books at the start of each year to pay monthly fees.  If you prefer you can simply write a check and send it with the corresponding month’s coupon in the provided envelope.  Payments will be sent to the bank’s lockbox for processing and will be automatically imported in to our system.  Please do not send any correspondence with your check.

Please note that all payments must be processed through the bank’s lockbox.  Checks sent to our office address will be returned.

Feel free to choose the payment option that is right for you.