Property Management

Boston Property MangementHarvest Properties prides itself on being a professional management firm that will listen to, respect and support trustees, condo and building owners, while maintaining compliance with all state and federal laws and the condominium master deed and bylaws.

We will work to provide maintenance and improvements to the property to ensure the long-term stability of owner’s investments. This is accomplished through coordination and selection of contractors and services providers that offer the most value for the price.

We recognize that each building/association/owner is different and will work with you to tailor a plan that best suits your needs!

Harvest Properties’ Approach

It is our goal to help foster a sense of community and pride among the properties that we manage. In our view the basis for any strong relationship is communication. Harvest Properties strives to build relationships and trust with our clients with frequent and open communication via phone, email, web or in person. We also deeply respect and preserve the privacy of our clients through strict confidentiality with regard to our work.

Harvest Properties offers expertise in financial management, preventative maintenance and client service, working closely with the owners, residents and trustees to enhance value and quality of life. We develop and manage budgets that work today and plan for the future needs of your property. Our attention to detail and commitment to offering customized solutions allows us to provide you with consistent results that maximize your property’s value.

What Sets Harvest Properties Apart From Other Management Companies?

The ability to combine and manage the three key components of property management; communication, financial transparency and relationships set Harvest Properties apart from the competition.