Condominium Management Services

Property Management: Condominium Services

Harvest Properties provides a full service property management solution. The following services are included as part of the standard management contract.

  • Arrangement of all recurring maintenance services, such as cleaning, landscaping, exterminating, snow removal, testing and servicing of emergency features, heating/boiler maintenance, and seasonal maintenance items.
  • All maintenance is performed by licensed and insured contractors. Vendor invoices will be provided each month. There is never a markup on vendor invoices.
  • Establishment of a preventive maintenance program designed to keep the building and equipment in good working order so costly repairs and replacements can be avoided.
  • Insurance coordination and analysis of coverage and premiums.
  • Bill payment with unique bank account.
  • Spending limits requiring trustee or owner approval for invoices over a certain dollar amount.
  • Analysis and maintenance of capital reserve funding.
  • Emergency service is provided 24 hour a day 7 days a week, with prompt response by on-call manager.
  • Regular site visits.
  • Scheduling and attendance at trustee and annual owner’s meetings.
  • Prepare and monitor yearly budgets
  • Collection of all association dues, rental and laundry income
  • Assessment payments via check, direct debit, credit card or e-check
  • Records management – digital archiving
  • Harvest Properties uses Cinc Systems management software.  Learn more at